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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  February 7, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. it's tuesday, february 7. i am cynne simpson. >> i am steve chenevey. one more day of wiremild weather then changes. we started with lisa baden watching the boats. >> newschopper 7 will show us traffic in college park at the beltway where it merges with 95 coming in and out of baltimore. a quiet ride. also good on the beltway between the wilson bridge and american legion bridge. virginia side of the beltway, no issues. 95 between richmond and baltimore, uneventful. now to adam caskey. >> not a bad morning. clear skies. a little cloudy while we were sleeping, which kept temperatures up. this afternoon will look and
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feel like yesterday afternoon. 39 in frederick, 35 in manassas, 42 in arlington and 41 in chevy chase. we are above freezing for the most part. 30 in remington, virginia. 33 in stafford. 41 and college park. highs today will be in the mid 50's with sunshine. a beautiful day, 10 degrees above average. increasing clouds tonight. the model and we could have areas of light snow melted into the early afternoon with minor accumulations. back to us and a simpson. >>-- cynne simpson. >> police investigating two bodies found less than a mile apart and blocks from the new carrollton metro station. the first body was found in the 5300 block of 85th avenue and the second near 78th avenue and
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garrison road. meantime, a fort washington family lucky to be alive after a problem monoxide leak in their home. >> authorities found five people including three children unconscious in their home on the 8300 block of bernard drive. brianne carter is there with what led to the discovery. >> it's quiet now, but it was a difference in a few hours ago. firefighters were called to go home and found five people, a father mother, and three children unconscious inside from an apparent carbon monoxide leak. another child from this home earlier in the night had been taken to children's national medical center. authorities discovered the child had high levels of carbon in the blood. the hospital tried to contact the family but was unable to get in touch with them. that is when they contacted authorities and firefighters were called to go home. the amount of problem monoxide
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detected inside this home was at very high levels. the family was flown to hospital in baltimore with a hyperbaric chamber. we understand from the parties that the family is said to be in critical condition. firefighters tried to determine what caused all this. they say they believe a malfunctioning furnace is to blame for the league. they showed that all fans ventilated the hall. all five members of the family, the mother father, and three children, still listed in critical condition in hospital. brianne carter reporting. >> prints stored as county police investigating two of their own. last night abc 7 news learned the department suspended two officers in connection with a police involved shooting on friday. video evidence from the incident contradicts the story the officers told about the shooting. >> jury selection continues today in charlottesville courtroom. former uva a cool start george
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huguely stands accused of murdering his classmate. >> there's no end in sight for now. john gonzalez is covering the story from the university of virginia with what is going down the process and the details from the first day in court. >> 80 potential jurors were interviewed yesterday. on the handful qualified. no. were dismissed because of a history of domestic violence. another 80 will be there today. george huguely made i contact with his mother and father as he entered the courtroom, pleaded not guilty if in all six counts including the murder of his ex- girlfriend yeardley love. her sister kept her eyes on him. >> finally it's going. to be going >> lawyers for the chevy chase native will argue that the 22- year-old woman died accidentally from an irregular heartbeat. a graduate student was here when love was found dead in off-
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campus apartment in may of 2010. >> the whole university was shocked and may be horrified. >> the process of jury selection has been tedious and slow. five of the 12 jurors are being considered. they have been quizzed on their feelings on domestic violence, alcohol abuse, and the culture of athletes. >> taking a stance when you are in a situation like that or your friend is in a situation like that. >> yeardley love died from head injuries. both families are expected to stay in charlottesville for the entire trial, which is expected to last about two weeks. yesterday the victim's mother and sister died in accord -- cried in the courtroom when the charges were read out loud. >> stay with abc 7 for complete coverage, the courtroom. we will have an update tonight
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on abc 7 news at 5, 6, and 11. >> president obama's campaign turning to super pacs. itis campaign manager is asking the fund-raisers to contribute to the outside groups. they played a major role in the gop primary race. the president says his campaign cannot afford to play by two different sets of rules. republican candidates will face off in three big races today. colorado and minnesota will have caucuses while missouri will have a primary. romney is in the lead in colorado if and faces a tough battle in minnesota with rick santorum. gingrich is not on the ballot in missouri. abc 7 is your election station. complete coverage of today's caucuses and primaries in our newscasts and online at >> in the day ahead, vincent gray will deliver his annual state of the district address tonight. he will speak at 7 clark's gap
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the distort synagogue in northwest. he will talk about the state of the city, his administration, and outline his agenda and priorities for the year. >> stafford is looking at 37 degrees this morning. >> still ahead, a presidential sex scandal a bombshell revelation in a new book by its former white house intern. >> police identify its third and final suspect in the murder of a well-known alexandria activist. >> first, when is the next chance for snowflakes in the
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>> we are the american association of pharmaceutical scientists in arlington virginia celebrating our 25th anniversary. >> good morning, washington. >> an enthusiastic way to start the day. good morning, washington. 6:10 is the time. traffic and weather. >> let's start with lisa baden. >> newschopper 7 picture of the beltway at georgia avenue. the inner loop and outer loop carrying about the same, equal amount of our imperial problems reported on the beltway between the american legion bridge and the wilson bridge for maryland commuters. we will give you normal travel times right now if you're headed on suit 95 between richmond and baltimore. 66 looks good inside the beltway. headlights are eastbound on 66 at glebe road. metro rail is reporting orange line delays. allow yourself extra time.
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train malfunction at the minnesota avenue station. back inside. >> not as cold this morning as yesterday. still a still in the air. 44 downtown. that's one of the warmer exceptions. 39 at dulles airport. gaithersburg at 30 degrees. for the most part we are above freezing. there are some exceptions. manassas, 27. 28 in culpeper. the qr code in the upper right side of your screen will take you to a blog about the bright moon outside. sunny and pleasant day increasing clouds tonight. increasing snowfall with minor accumulations possible tomorrow. more on that coming up in the extended forecast. >> a traffic alert on route 7 in aldie, virginia. slowdown's today and tomorrow between winchester it and a road -- beulah rd.
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and from tfrom dulles toll road northstar 7 on beulah. >> a foreclosure case, what this means for struggling homeowners. >> distracted driving in the commonwealth could cost you big time. the chains that's making its way through virginia's general assembly. >> another break in the case of a
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the third suspect in the murder of alexandria activist lenny harris could soon be in prince george's county custody. >> investigators issued an arrest warrant for 26-year-old tight run lewis, currently in an arlington jail on unrelated charges. -- tyrone lewis./ hundreds of people gathered to say a final farewell to harris. >> disturbing developments from washington state murder-suicide investigation. this man josh powell stuck at his two sons with a hatchet before igniting the explosion that killed all of them. official say there were signs that the carefully planned the final act, donating toys to a local charity and sending goodbye e-mails to several people. he was the prime suspect in his wife's disappearance in utah in 2009.
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is in lhasa said the children recently remembered more about what happened the night their mother vanished. a california appeals court will decide the fate of a marriage today in the golden state. panel of judges will announce if the voter-approved ban is unconstitutional. a lower-court judge tossed the band in 2010, but critics say the judge is biased because the judge is openly gay. >> of virginia state senate appeals committee approved a bill that makes texting or e- mail and while driving a primary offense. it's a secondary offense right now appear the state senate voted to repeal it 1-handgun per month lot. thousand delegates approved the bill earlier this week. governor mcdonnell indicates he will sign in. a new bill introduced in the maryland senate will allow table games like blackjack at casinos and would clear the way for a new casino in prince george's county. that would put table games and the provision allowing a sixth
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casino in the state before voters in november. the casino could be at rosecroft raceway or at the national harbor. the d.c. council is expected to take a final vote today on a bill related to medical marijuana. the bill restricts the number of medical marijuana cultivation centers that can be opened in any one ward. >> the senate has passed and aviation funding bill which funds the federal aviation administration for three years and switches in a traffic control to a gps. it now goes to president obama's desk. a deal to end a mass of foreclosure abuse case, and the super bowl sets another new record. rob nelson has those stories and more. >> getting closer to or foreclosure settlement. more than 40 states have agreed to a deal to force the five largest mortgage lenders to
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reduce loans for about 1 million households. new york and california are the key holdouts, but they may sign on in the next few days. it's a good time to buy a used car because prices will keep going up. there are fewer used cars these days on the market. the new boeing dreamliner is becoming a delivery nightmare. japan was hoping to get the first of them by the end of the month, but there are production problems and it will be eight months late. the super bowl was the most watched tv show in u.s. history even better than last year's game. giants quarterback eli manning is expected to score in the off- season, picking up additional bonuses and a few endorsements. that is america's money. i am rob nelson. rex parade -- a big parade today in new york city for the giants. >> lots of celebrations. >> things look great for us around town. no problems on 95 between the richmond and baltimore, good on 66, quiet on the beltway.
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looking at 270 headed to 495. looks good on the inner loop to the mormon temple, no problems on 270 between germantown and rockville. a clean ride headed to the american legion bridge. we will take it to the beltway at colesville road ud approach to the beltway, 95 are the headlights. now to the dulles greenway and the dulles toll road, quiet coming out of loudoun county. metro well as normal service systemwide. back to you. >> thank you. yesterday we had the cold weather. warming up a little today. >> we had a blanket of clouds move over as while we slept. that kept temperatures from falling much. not a bad start. we have a beautiful full moon. a snow moon. >> amazing. >> it will set in 25 minutes. get outside and look to the west.
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bob ryan did a great blog and explained why it looks so big when it is rising above the verizon, which we saw yesterday evening, even though it's farther away from the earth than when is high in the sky. so you can go to or scam the qr code on your screen. it works best in hd. 44 degrees downtown, 27 in manassas, 39 in modesto, 37 in frederick. we had widespread 20's yesterday. not as cold. still a chill in the air. there are the clouds that have now moved into the aladdin. we will have clear skies and total sunshine through the day. this afternoon will look and feel much like yesterday afternoon with highs in the low to mid '50's. -- clouds have moved into the atlantic ocean. we have a upper level energy moving into the plains states. as light snow in parts of kansas and nebraska.
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light rain ahead of that. there's not much moisture, but when it moves are way tomorrow we will squeeze out a little light snow from the midday into the early afternoon with minor accumulations possible. here is the computer model that helps give us an idea of how much snow is possible with this system. we could see under an inch maybe on grassy services around the metro area. this is a ballpark figure. still preliminary. along the ridgetops off to the west in the typical locations we could see an inch or more possibly from this week's disturbance tomorrow. really not a big deal in terms across snow. could cause a few slick spots for the evening commute. near 40 tomorrow. warming up near 55 thursday and friday. >> not bad. thanks so much. 6:20 41 degrees in huntingtown. >> never tweet angry.
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former mayor marion barry is apologizing for a little tweak and play-by-play that he did during the super bowl. >> next anderson. >> i need somebody to help me. >> to try to save a woman struggling from ocd. >> these behaviors will kill you.
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>> big celebration today in new york city as they are the new
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york giants for their super bowl win over the new england patriots. the city will hold a ticker-tape parade today and through the canyon of heroes in lower manhattan. afterwards the team will be presented with the keys to the city. no parades her for us, no winning team. d.c. councilman marion barry's passion for the redskins got the best of him on sunday. prexy got upset that the redskins were not in the game while he was watching the super bowl, so he got on twitter and growth several notes including one in which he is expressed frustration that owner dan snyder has yet to produce a championship team. >> i could've used a battered choice of words than "sucks," but the feeling is the same. the pot boiling over. it is frustrating, to think that we should of been there. >> if he said he was only expressing the frustration of his fellow fans, but something he went too far.
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>> still another 30 minutes ahead. >> and other tuesday at the polls for gop voters. we have a preview. >> and a busy night for police in prince george's county as two bodies are found in two separate locations. a jummy olabanji in new carrollton, that story coming up in a live report. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead at 6:30, a family lucky to be alive. two gruesome discovery is just blocks apart. we have live coverage of a busy night in one maryland suburb. good morning, washington. it's tuesday, october 7. i am steve chenevey. >> i am cynne simpson. glad you are waking up with us. we begin with traffic and weather. we will check in with
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meteorologist adam caskey in a moment. first, lisa baden has an update on the roads. >> we go directly to newschopper 7. they are flying over the beltway at the dulles toll road. both of them moving very well right now. you can see the inner loop is the headlights in the camera. no worries on the dulles toll road or the greenway. looks good on seven between sterling and tysons. normal troubled times on 66 and 50. we will have newschopper 7 at 66 in less than 10 minutes. between centreville and the beltway looks good. no worries on the greenway or the toll road. a quiet drive on the other side of. town in of. back to you. >> thank you. -- it's quiet on the other side of town in southern maryland. back to you. >> thank you. two years ago today this is what my backyard look like. it's about 30 inches of snow.
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a glorious day that was. wonderful memories. it's the anniversary of the snowmageddon. the 44 degrees in d.c. right no --right now. 38 in hagerstown. highs today around 54, sunny skies. light midday and early afternoon snowfall tomorrow with minor accumulations possible. it does not look like a big deal. there will be a few slick spots here and they're especially northwest of the metro. the highest potential with this system is one or two inches northwest d.c.. the seven-day coming up. back to you. >> thank you. first, five members of a fort washington family in the hospital recovering from problem monoxide poisoning. doctors alerted emergency crews to check on the family after finding high levels of carbon monoxide in a young child who had been at the home yesterday
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evening. firefighters arrived and found the family unconscious. medical crews flew the parents and three children to the hospital, all in critical condition. investigators blamed a faulty gas furnace for the problem. monoxide problem police in prince george's county investigating two gruesome crimes that happen overnight. >> two bodies found less than a mile apart, blocks from the new carrollton metro station. jummy olabanji is on the scene joining us with the latest. >> good morning. both of these incidents kept prince george's county police very busy overnight. we are located where the second body was found. but the first one was found not far from here. we have video of what both of these scenes look like a couple hours ago. the first one happened around 10:45. they got a 911 col. someone had found the body of a young adult male on the ground off 85th avenue not far from the
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new carrollton metro station. police and emt's determined that john goodman died on the scene from a blunt force trauma to the body. around 11:30 they got a second 911 col. this time coming from firefighters who had driven by the area of 45th avenue and garrissonville and noticed there was another young adult male unresponsive, lying near a bike. police found out this gentleman had died on the scene, also suffering some some sort of a blunt trauma to the body. police and not release any sort of information on the identities of both victims. they are still waiting to contact the next of kin. they are investigating these as two separate homicides and are looking into the fact they could be connected based on where the bodies were found and since they were found about an hour apart from each other. jummy olabanji reporting, abc 7 news. >> prince george's county police
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also investigating two of their own. last night we learned the department suspended two officers in connection with a police involved shooting on friday. video evidence from the incident contradicts the story the officers told about the shooting. >> jury selection continues today in a charlottesville courtroom where a former uva lacrosse star stands accused of murdering a classmate. >> there's no end in sight for now. john gonzalez is at the university of virginia with what is going down the process and details from the first day in court. >> good morning. the jury selection process has been very slow. they started with 160 in the pool of potential jurors. >> 80 potential jurors were interviewed yesterday. only a handful qualified. a number were dismissed because of a history of domestic violence. another 80 will be there today. george huguely made eye contact
6:34 am
with his mother and father as he enter the courtroom. he was thinner. yeardley love had an argument with her ex-boyfriend 22-year- old george huguely. he told police that he kicked in the door and shook her, causing her to hit her head. parents of both of them are here and are expected to be here the entire time. defense attorneys will argue this was an accidental deaths caused by an irregular heartbeat. again, police are saying this was caused because of head injuries. yeardley love died in may of 2010. the families are expected to stay here the entire time. it's expected to last about two weeks. yesterday in court the mother and sister of yeardley love cried while the charges were read including a first-degree murder charge. reporting live in
6:35 am
charlottesville, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> thank you. tarnation watching the trial. stay with abc 7 for complete coverage from inside the courtroom. updates tonight at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. >> president obama's campaign manager is asking donors to contribute to the democratic outside groups. super pacs have also played a major role in the republican race. the president says he cannot afford to play by different sets of rules than the republicans. >> colorado and minnesota will hold caucuses. missouri will hold a primary. family isemily has a preview. mitt romney has a decent lead. will today? pose a challenge today?
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>> it's hard to tell. he is a favorite in some of these contests, but santorum has a surge of momentum in minnesota and missouri both states that he has been focusing on lately. he may end up winning which could take a little away from promised's momentum. >> how important is that? we have three weeks until the next primary. that's quite a bit of time. >> that helps the candidate's message going for. today's primaries are not worth a lot of delegates when it comes down to it. missouri has no delegates. it's really about the candidate's message going forward and keeping that in people's minds in the down time. w if you are the. ho wins a few contests today, you can use that argument going forward to propel you for what is next. -- if you are the candidates to win a few contests today. >> thank you. we will have coverage at 11:00
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tonight as well as online at 6:36 right now. more to come. >> including new details about the final moments before a father lit a fire explosion that killed himself and his two young sons. >> love is in error. it's time to open your wallet. how much romeo will spend this valentine's day. >> that's coming up. first, doug hill will join us
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>> 6:40, time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's start with lisa baden. >> 66, 95, 395, no accidents. but we are adding a little bit to your time on 95 to get out of woodbridge to springfield because of the volume of traffic. look at the outer loop in maryland. it will take you a little longer from 95 to georgia avenue. that is normal. no problems out of loudoun county on the greenway, the dulles toll road. looks good on the connector roads for now. 70 is good between hagerstown and baltimore. looks good on 270 from urbana to hyattstown with normal volume. ward avenue, a person was hit by an automobile. if you take metro rail, marc
6:41 am
rail drv, they are checking in on time. -- and vre. back to you. >> thank you. let's check in with doug hill for today's weather. good morning. >> good morning. a clear morning after a little clout in its overnight. we will be in fine shape today. rapid changes the next couple days. let's look at temperatures first-round area. many in the 30's. a few 20's. clouds overnight kept temperatures a little warmer than last night. 28 in gaithersburg, 36 in frederick and quantico. the satellite and radar shows the clouds moving out. we will have sunshine. warming up to the low to mid 50's today. tonight the clouds will roll back in. a disturbance tomorrow will move away from the central plains. it's not a strong system but it will move just south of the metro area at the same time
6:42 am
colder air speeds in overnight, causing a little snowfall possibly. the forecast for today sunshine, mid 50's. clouds tonight. a wintry mix south of town possible wednesday. then clearing skies. mild temperatures through the end of the week. much colder temperatures on the weekend. more in about 10 minutes. that's the latest. >> thank you. 6:42. americans will be spending big bucks this valentine's day. the national retail federation says americans will spend nearly $18 billion. the average person plans to spend $126. that's up 9% from last year. men are expected to spend twice as much as women this year. >> a lot of people will be picking up last-minute tips in the next week or so. 6:42 on this tuesday morning. >> another camelot controversy.
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a shocking sex scandal and an intern finally speaking out. >> and a rally to stop child abuse. a new law that would make turning a blind eye a crime. >> new details from a double murder-suicide in washington state. why the mystery of the utah mother'le, let's get started.
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>> tonight at 5:00, if you want to boost your brain power, the latest nutrition information to get yourself smarter especially the times when you needed the most. maximize your iq by watching what you need. tonight at 5:00. >> o'clock 45 on this tuesday morning. the suspects -- a third suspect in the murder of alexandria activists lenny harris could be in prince george's county custody.
6:46 am
>> 26-year-old thighbone lewis is currently in an arlington jail on unrelated charges. he's likely the man seen on the surveillance camera using address' atm card. -- 26-year-old tyrone lewis. harris was found shot to death in a well five months after he disappeared. it's a murder-suicide investigation. josh powell hacked at his two sons with a hatchet before igniting the explosion that killed all three of them. there were signs that the carefully planned the final act including donating toys to a local charity and then sending goodbye e-mails to several people. he was the prime suspect in his wife's disappearance in utah in 2009. the inlaws say the children recently started remembering more about what happened the night their mother vanished. >> mimi alfred, a presidential
6:47 am
aide, said that she had an affair with john kennedy for 18 months. she said she was 19 years old and was an intern and a virgin addition to the president for the first time the white house swimming pool. >> it really did not seem unnatural, just because everybody was friendly and i went back to work afterwards. >> she said later that day she had sex with the 45-year-old president and mrs. kennedy's bedroom. she said the affair continued until she went back to college. she said the last time she saw him was the day before he was assassinated. says she is coming forward now in order to unburden herself. >> some people wanting to cut down on bullying plan to rally today at the state house in annapolis. they support a bill that would create a penalty for not reporting child abuse,. they will take up the bill later today. legislative action in virginia
6:48 am
on texting and guns. a state senate committee approved a bill that says texting or mailing while driving is a primary offense. and the state senate voted to repeal the 1-handgun per month lot. house of delegates approved the bill earlier this week and the governor if has said he will sign it. dozens of district employees accused of taking unemployment benefits while still working for the city. an investigation found 90 current and 40 former employees received $840,000 in unemployment checks when they actually still had jobs. the city said those employees are now on administrative leave with pay but could be fired and prosecuted for taking part in the scheme. >> congress has sent president obama a bill aimed at improving the nation's aviation system. the house and senate approved a bipartisan bill that funds the federal aviation administration for the next three years. it also speeds up the switch from radar to an air traffic control system based on gps
6:49 am
technology. >> time to check traffic and weather every ten minutes. we start with lisa baden. >> newschopper 7 taking youtube 66 traffic at 50 fair oaks. the headlights are the eastbound direction. that is the pace out of manassas to get to centreville, before and after 50, and again at the beltway. travel times are typical for this time of morning. 95 between fredericksburg and dale city adding some between dale city and baltimore. 270 building in volume southbound outer frederick into montgomery county. here we are with the pace of traffic at shady grove road. headlights are southbound. back to you. >> thank you. we can see that the sun is getting ready to rise. let's check in with doug hill. >> it's going to be nice.
6:50 am
we are 20 minutes from sunrise. this is i'm still in frederick county, the time lapse. moon will be full this afternoon. right now it is a snow moon. our story today is the sunshine. mild temperatures looking out from the rooftop camera. sunrise at 7:08. a couple of low 40's across the region due to some cloud cover over night. 41 in arlington now, 27 k in shepherdstown, in the 30's in leesburg, 40 degrees in chevy chase. some clouds will move in later this evening and a little colder air. that will creep in overnight. at the same time we will keep our eyes on a disturbance off to the west. this will move from west to east. as it does, not only will we
6:51 am
have cloudy skies tomorrow but there's the potential for a little snow through the midday and afternoon. the latest look at the computer model suggests it could be from the lunchtime until the drive time. this is the interactive feature where we have possible snowfall potentials from the system. less than an inch in the immediate metro. far less to the south of the city. nearly two inches possible in the higher elevations north and west of the city. lots of sunshine for today, mid 50's. increasing clouds, 32 tonight. cloudy and cold tomorrow, near 40. tens of a little snowfall. adam caskey will have more on that and the seven-day forecast in a couple minutes. back to you. >> thank you. it's 39 degrees
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i'm drinkin' dunkin'. definitely dunkin'. you know, i need to get that jolt in the morning but i want something good to do that. you can't mistake the flavor. i run on dunkin'. tell us what you're drinkin' for a chance to be famous. america runs on dunkin' coffee. >> good tuesday morning. breaking news overnight. what really happened inside that house before it burst into flames and the chilling voice mail that josh powell left before he took his own life and the lives of his two young sons. susan's parents join us to discuss the tragedy. and the growing fear, parents demanded to know why more than a dozen teenagers have come up with symptoms in upstate new york. we will have the latest.
6:55 am
and tom brady's wife blaming the loss of the game on his teammates. you be the judge? that's next on good morning america. >> first, let's check our stories. a wild and busy night for prince george's county authorities. two bodies discovered nearly a mile apart near the new carrollton metro station. also, five members of fort washington family hospitalized this morning? after being exposed to carbon monoxide. >> jury selection resumes today in the trial of former virginia, across player george huguely. pleaded not guilty to killing his ex-girlfriend at her charlottesville apartment in may of 2010. >> the republican presidential candidates facing off in three races today. gop voters in colorado minnesota, and was every will decide who they want to take on president obama this fall. >> we want to get a last look at
6:56 am
traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden standing by. >> i don't like what we are seeing. a big truck on 395 notes around before duke street in the main lanes, center the roadway. people are weaving around that. right now we have an accident in montgomery county on quince orchard road at clopper rd. there on the right side of the highway. upstream on 395, this is a pickup truck that just broke down before the 14th street bridge. we have our share of problems. >> no problems in the weather. a lot of sunshine this afternoon, mid 50's. a weak disturbance moving overhead tomorrow. that will drop temperatures to nearly 40. and cause a little light snow flakes by midday into the early afternoon, not a big deal. if we could have minor accumulations >> .
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